DIY Streets Granton School is a project run by sustainable transport charity Sustrans and Lambeth Council that will run in the streets surrounding Granton Primary School over the summer months, from June to September.

The aim is to bring together the Granton School community and local residents to find positive and innovative ways to improve the traffic congestion on the streets as well as the experience of arriving at and leaving the school for schoolchildren and parents.

This project will look at trialling and implementing low cost, semi-permanent and temporary design measures to reduce the pressure of cars stopping on the street and to provide greater opportunity for children to travel to school actively by walking and cycling. We aim to implement the measures in time for the beginning of the new school term in September.

We will be holding a series of workshops and feedback sessions for residents, parents and children as well as fun activities for all ages throughout the summer holidays, including art workshops, walking and cycling activities.

Please join us!

Maddy Gunn, Sustrans

E-mail: maddy.gunn@sustrans.org.uk
Telephone: 0207 553 4467


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