It’s been a busy few months for our DIY School

It’s been a while since we last posted, as we’ve been busy putting the trial infrastructure down on the ground.

Sustrans Streatham DIY (44 of 46)

Have you seen the new planters on Larbert or Granton Road?

Sustrans Streatham DIY (39 of 46) (Medium)

They have been planted with a mixture of plants and flowers by the eco club at Granton school, and plenty of parents and residents joined in the fun.


The planters are on the road in order to discourage unruly parking outside of the school gate and illegally stopping on the yellow zig zag lines. We’ve received heaps of positive feedback from local people about the planters, including the local community police who have been very pleased to see them doing their job!

Perhaps you’ve been given a copy of the walking and cycling map….

Click to Download the Granton School Active Trail Map


Or maybe you’ve followed one of the trails into the school?

IMG_2013  IMG_20141117_112308621 IMG_2002

You might even spot the new mural in Streatham Vale Park if you follow the green dog trail. We spent a couple of days painting with the help of local children who designed the animals, all coordinated by the very talented artist Lisa Price.


Before the mural, the path was overgrown and unappealing.

IMG_2120Now, there is a colourful mural showing scenes from the local area to brighten up the journey to school.


Once the weather improves, we’ll be putting down some animal footprints on the pavement to follow to the school entrances, as well as colourful paint on the street. We had hoped to get these down by christmas, but the rain scuppered our plans more than once!

The trial infrastructure will be in place from now until the summer holidays.

Throughout the consultation, we received plenty of brilliant feedback about more permanent changes that residents and the school community would like to see. These included:

  • Repainting white lines to delineate parking spaces around the area
  • Double yellow lines on corners to address corner parking issues
  • Resurfacing of pavements and roads
  • Bringing back the lollipop lady
  • Improvement of pedestrian crossings at both the zebra crossing and the roundabout on Streatham Vale Road which would particularly benefit local residents including children and the elderly.

This feedback has been passed to the council and the long term aspiration is to address these issues in the future. We have already put the wheels in motion to get the white lines repainted and to resurface pavements on Larbert Road after the construction work at the school last summer.

If you have any thoughts, observations or comments about the works then please do get in touch.


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