We need your help – mapping, photographing and walking around Granton

Our summer events continue with something for budding artists, photographers, map makers and game players: tomorrow, 10am!

As part of our work to help local families walk and cycle to school, we’re going to put up a series of fun, colourful signs around the area that show people nice routes to get to Granton Primary School. We’re also going to make a lovely map of these signs so that it’s really easy for everyone to get around.


Before we can make our signs and our map, though, we need to know what to put on it. And that’s where you come in! We want to find out where the nice routes are, where the signs should go and what they should say.

So, on the morning of Saturday 23rd August we’ll be going for a fun walk around the neighbourhood, taking photos and mapping out the area together.

We also want to play games on our way to school, and would love your ideas about games that you play, or used to play as a child that we can incorporate into our map to make it really fun and playful.

We’ll meet at 10am outside Granton School at the Granton Road entrance and go from there.

We will be moving about a bit so will most likely finish with a nice cup of tea and a sit down somewhere locally.

If anyone wants to come but is running late please give Maddy a call on 07825904266.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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