It’s been a busy few months for our DIY School

It’s been a while since we last posted, as we’ve been busy putting the trial infrastructure down on the ground.

Sustrans Streatham DIY (44 of 46)

Have you seen the new planters on Larbert or Granton Road?

Sustrans Streatham DIY (39 of 46) (Medium)

They have been planted with a mixture of plants and flowers by the eco club at Granton school, and plenty of parents and residents joined in the fun.


The planters are on the road in order to discourage unruly parking outside of the school gate and illegally stopping on the yellow zig zag lines. We’ve received heaps of positive feedback from local people about the planters, including the local community police who have been very pleased to see them doing their job!

Perhaps you’ve been given a copy of the walking and cycling map….

Click to Download the Granton School Active Trail Map


Or maybe you’ve followed one of the trails into the school?

IMG_2013  IMG_20141117_112308621 IMG_2002

You might even spot the new mural in Streatham Vale Park if you follow the green dog trail. We spent a couple of days painting with the help of local children who designed the animals, all coordinated by the very talented artist Lisa Price.


Before the mural, the path was overgrown and unappealing.

IMG_2120Now, there is a colourful mural showing scenes from the local area to brighten up the journey to school.


Once the weather improves, we’ll be putting down some animal footprints on the pavement to follow to the school entrances, as well as colourful paint on the street. We had hoped to get these down by christmas, but the rain scuppered our plans more than once!

The trial infrastructure will be in place from now until the summer holidays.

Throughout the consultation, we received plenty of brilliant feedback about more permanent changes that residents and the school community would like to see. These included:

  • Repainting white lines to delineate parking spaces around the area
  • Double yellow lines on corners to address corner parking issues
  • Resurfacing of pavements and roads
  • Bringing back the lollipop lady
  • Improvement of pedestrian crossings at both the zebra crossing and the roundabout on Streatham Vale Road which would particularly benefit local residents including children and the elderly.

This feedback has been passed to the council and the long term aspiration is to address these issues in the future. We have already put the wheels in motion to get the white lines repainted and to resurface pavements on Larbert Road after the construction work at the school last summer.

If you have any thoughts, observations or comments about the works then please do get in touch.


Pop up Park

Did you spot the Pop up Park outside Granton School last week?

We cordoned off Granton Road and had a great time reclaiming the street with a colourful, sensory playground on the pavement, creating a fun space for children and adults to enjoy and encouraging cars to slow right down and be careful at the same time.

The Pop up Park is the first of a number of interventions over the next school term to make the streets around the school safer, calmer, more colourful and people friendly.

Sustrans and Pop Up Parks are going to hold another Pop up Park very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


We need your help – mapping, photographing and walking around Granton

Our summer events continue with something for budding artists, photographers, map makers and game players: tomorrow, 10am!

As part of our work to help local families walk and cycle to school, we’re going to put up a series of fun, colourful signs around the area that show people nice routes to get to Granton Primary School. We’re also going to make a lovely map of these signs so that it’s really easy for everyone to get around.


Before we can make our signs and our map, though, we need to know what to put on it. And that’s where you come in! We want to find out where the nice routes are, where the signs should go and what they should say.

So, on the morning of Saturday 23rd August we’ll be going for a fun walk around the neighbourhood, taking photos and mapping out the area together.

We also want to play games on our way to school, and would love your ideas about games that you play, or used to play as a child that we can incorporate into our map to make it really fun and playful.

We’ll meet at 10am outside Granton School at the Granton Road entrance and go from there.

We will be moving about a bit so will most likely finish with a nice cup of tea and a sit down somewhere locally.

If anyone wants to come but is running late please give Maddy a call on 07825904266.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Bike fun and free outdoor play – tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon we host another free fun activity day, this time in Streatham Vale Park (around the entrance closest to Leonard Road roundabout)



Free safety checks and simple adjustments and repairs made to bikes by Dr Bike our friendly bike mechanic. Bring your old bikes down


Make your bike stand out from the crowd with crafty decorations and bright colours


A play space for under fives providing opportunities for children and their families to engage in playful, creative and physical activity. These include: creating a living wall, den building, listening to sensory sounds and more.



We will also be showing local residents the semi-permanent design plans for the streets around Streatham Vale school that will be put into action ready for the start of the new school term. You will have a chance to have your say about these so please do come down and take a look.


Please join us anytime from 1pm – 4pm. Contact Maddy for more details at or on 07825904266 

Animal Footprints for National Play Day – join us this Thursday!


The weather is not on our side for Wednesday, and as heavy rain and chalk paint don’t mix well then we’ll now be holding this event on Thursday instead. Same time and place: 10am, outside Granton School, hopefully with the sun shining! See you there.


On Wednesday it’s National Play Day, a celebration of children’s right to play and we’d love if you could come and help us to celebrate playing outdoors and being active and healthy in Streatham Vale.

We’re going to be getting our hands dirty by creating a trail of colourful animal footprints with temporary chalk spray paint to show the paths that are used by children, parents (and maybe some other big creatures!) to cross Streatham Vale Road, go past the school and into Streatham Vale Park – the perfect place to play outside!


Here’s a map of where we’ll be painting:

When we’ve finished our trail we’ll enjoy being in the park for a bit and sit down to have a drink and a snack.

The meeting place is outside Granton Primary School at the Granton Road entrance at 10am this Wednesday 6th August.

Please wear old clothes (the chalk paint does come out but for messier types it can be hard not to cover yourself in it) and bring water and sunscreen as we’ll be outside for a couple of hours.

We’ll also be able to tell you all about the development of our design ideas for the local streets, so do come along and ask us about it.

See you there!

School’s out!


Many thanks to everyone who came and had a chat with us and our friends at Pop Up Parks at the Granton School Summer fete last Saturday. We had a great time and were really pleased to speak to so many parents about the street design project and activities in the summer holidays.


The blog has been a little quiet recently because we have been busy over the last couple of weeks talking to residents, parents and children at Granton School about the streets surrounding Granton School and about their journeys to and from school.

The biggest issue to emerge from our discussions has been problems with parking, and there have been various ideas from the community about how to deal with this: stopping parking outside the school and on double yellow lines, stopping corner parking, defining parking spots with colour, implementing residents only parking, restricted parking outside the school at drop off and pick up times, and even temporary road closures were mentioned by some of the parents.

What you told us - wordle

Other ideas that emerged were to reduce the speed and volume of traffic, stopping cars turning in the road, improving the roundabout at Rowan Road, implementing more zebra crossings, having more plants, trees and flowers on the street, putting colours and patterns on the streets and bringing back the lollipop lady.

The team at Sustrans are now looking through all of the feedback that we’ve collected so far and are in the process of designing some ideas for temporary and semi permanent measures that we can implement over the summer to try to address some of these problems. We’ll also be showcasing our street design ideas and asking for your feedback at our summer events!

  • Wednesday 6th August, 10.00-12.00: Playing Out Day Decorate the Streets! We’ll be creating a series of temporary animal footprints that will walk us from the local neighbourhood into Streatham Vale Park. More information and meeting point to follow on the blog.


  • Friday 15th August, 13.00 – 16.00: Dr Bike and Bling your Bike. Dr Bike is coming to Streatham Vale Park to carry out safety checks and simple adjustments and repairs to bikes for free. We will ride around the park and decorate our bikes or scooters for the occasion. Streatham Vale park.


  • Saturday, 23rd August, 11.00 – 15.00: Street Trial Day. We will temporarily be closing the street outside the Granton School entrance on Larbert Road and testing out our design ideas with temporary materials – chalk spray, traffic cones, hay bales and more. We’ll also have plenty of food and drink on hand and will have a bit of a party!

‘One thing I’d change….’


We’ve been out and about this week talking to parents at Granton School and finding out the one thing that they’d like to change about the streets surrounding the school. There are lots of great ideas that could make the streets safer, including my personal favourite – installing a rollercoaster to get children into school in the morning. That’d certainly wake you up!

Our next events are:

  • At the Granton School Parents evening on Wednesday 2nd July from 16.00 – 18.00, discussing the project with parents and collecting contact details for those who want to be involved over the summer holidays.
  • An on street meeting for residents of Larbert, Granton, Meadfoot and Farmhouse Roads on Wednesday 9th July from 17.00 – 19.00, outside the school on Larbert Road, for anyone interested in getting involved in the project and upcoming activities.

Hope to see you there.


DIY Streets Granton School is a project run by Sustrans in partnership with Lambeth Council and Granton School that brings together the school community and local residents to find positive and innovative ways to improve the experience of arriving at and leaving school. This project will look at trialling and implementing semi-permanent measures on the streets surrounding the school to provide greater opportunity for children to travel to school actively.

More information about the project and events will follow on the site shortly.